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Talent Acquisition

We focus on Executive Search bringing the best leaders for your business, team and culture.


We help you determine which candidates have the ideal skillset and mindset for your company’s culture and build the framework for compensation and retention that attracts the right leaders. 

Our Professional Search aims to find and assess professionals in middle and upper management.

We help you identify candidates who will meet your required criteria with the best chance of being a successful long term fit for your organisation

Recruitment Process

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Understand Client Needs

Our close relationship with a client as well as our business expertise are key in understanding all challenges and specific client requirements they are seeking.

Candidate Profile

Our business knowledge & leadership experience allows to identify a list of precise 'must haves' of our client perfect candidate. 

Candidate Search and Selection

Our experts focus on the ideal candidate search through the direct search, using our existing data base and network.

Candidate Onboarding

All selected candidates receive ongoing support during the onboarding process which is precisely defined with each client.

Regular Checkpoints

Our client and candidate support continues. We hold regular meetings to ensure both a client and a candidate initial requirements are continuously met. If needed, we work on individually tailored improvement plan to ensure both parties remain fully satisfied. 

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