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About me

I am a freelancing Consultant helping clients globally through consulting, training and mentoring.


My primary focus is on Organisational Change Management and Enterprise Change Management.


I posses a wide range of practical knowledge and on-the-job experience, which is extremely valuable to clients.

I am a business leader and a practitioner. My expertise comes from the practical knowledge working in many international companies across Europe. 

I are multilingual, qualified and certified in internationally recognised organisations.


At MJ Business Connect, my commitment to excellence, deep industry insights, and bespoke solutions set me apart. I pride myself on partnering with clients to drive meaningful change across a wide range of sectors. As a boutique consulting services expert, I am agile, adaptable, and dedicated to helping clients thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


I focus on our clients' critical challenges and opportunities providing strategic solutions and desired business outcomes.

My ability to solve client’s challenges rests heavily on relationships, insights and knowledge. 

My approach and practical business experience will enable delivering your business outcomes. 

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Consulting Services

Training Courses



I care deeply about what I do, who I am, and how I deliver services.


I aim to treat everyone I come across with respect and integrity.

I have a commitment to everyone who engages with me. My conversations and communications will recognise the different needs and aspirations of every person I meet.  


I present professionalism, knowledge and honesty and treat everyone with respect at all times.

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My promise to you

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Highest Quality Experience

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Individual & Flexible Approach

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Professional Business Experience & Expertise


Highest Value Consultant

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