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If you are looking for a dedicated mentor to pick their brain, learn from their experience, receive feedback and guidance or get introductions to their networks - you are in the right place. We offer one-o-one mentoring in English and Polish language.

Your mentor will provide you with honest advice, valuable feedback and industry know-how you cannot find on Google.

Benefits of mentoring with us

Discover the benefits of mentoring

Przerwa na kawę
Koledzy w pracy

Typical situations, but not limited to, when having a mentor will be an ideal solution for you

For job seekers

Get industry insights and interview tips to land your dream job

For career changes

Get started in a different field or country or get back after a break

Hunting for a promotion

Prepare to take the next step to negotiate a rise or promotion

For professionals

If you have the feeling that there is "more out there" for you.

Spoiler: there is!

Contact us

Thank you for contacting us!

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