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At MJ Business Connect, as a leading boutique consultant, I specialise in driving transformational change across a diverse range of sectors. My expertise lies in four key areas: Change Management, Communications, Project Management Office (PMO), and Governance. With my dedication and commitment, I deliver tailored solutions that empower organisations to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in today's dynamic business landscape.

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Change Management

Change Management is at the core of what I do. I understand that successful change requires more than just implementing new processes; it requires a shift in mindset and behaviour. As a skilled consultant, I collaborate closely with clients to design change strategies that engage employees at all levels, ensuring a smooth transition while mitigating resistance. I guide organisations through every phase of change, from planning and communication to training and measurement, fostering an environment where innovation and adaptability flourish.

In the realm of Communications, I excel in crafting compelling narratives that drive understanding and alignment. As a communication expert, I work closely with clients to develop tailored messaging strategies that resonate with both internal and external stakeholders. Whether it's announcing a major transformation initiative or managing crisis communications, I ensure that the right message is delivered through the right channels at the right time, enhancing brand reputation and fostering trust.

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Project Management Office (PMO) 

Project Management Office (PMO) is another cornerstone of my services. As a seasoned PMO professional, I bring structure and discipline to projects of all sizes. I establish clear project governance frameworks, streamline processes, and implement best practices to ensure that initiatives are delivered on time, within scope, and on budget. My holistic approach encompasses project portfolio management, resource allocation, and risk mitigation, enabling organisations to achieve their strategic goals with confidence.

Governance is the foundation on which successful organisations are built. Our experts provide guidance in establishing robust governance structures that enable effective decision-making, risk management, and compliance. We work closely with clients to design governance frameworks that align with their unique organizational culture and industry regulations, fostering accountability and transparency throughout the organisation.

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At MJ Business Connect, my commitment to excellence, deep industry insights, and tailored solutions set me apart. I pride myself on partnering with clients to drive meaningful change, elevate communication strategies, optimise project management, and strengthen governance frameworks across a wide range of sectors. As a boutique consulting services expert, I am agile, adaptable, and dedicated to helping clients thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


I focus on our clients' critical challenges and opportunities providing strategic solutions and desired business outcomes.

I am a business leader and practitioner whose expertise comes from the practical experience working across all industries in many international companies in Europe.  

I are multilingual, qualified and certified in internationally recognised organisations.

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