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Passion led us here

Having worked in Business and IT across many industries as Professionals and Business Leaders, we have experienced many real challenges in finding the best candidate for the job who will have the exact skillset, competencies and who will be the right fit for the company.

Todays market offers many candidates who are very hard to verify by the majority of recruiters and head hunters. This occurs mainly because of the recruiters lack of practical knowledge and on-the-job experience, which would allow them to accurately identify business needs, and to assess a candidate skills and competencies. We know precisely what qualities a candidate must have to be the right fit for the job and for the company.

It is also very common to see recruitment companies focus on the volume not the quality of their job.

There are many firms providing consulting, training and mentoring services however our boutique, individual and customised approach, full dedication  to our clients and 'fit for purpose' and practical solutions make us stand out from everyone else. 

With our knowledge, expertise, abilities and proven track record working in many international firms and corporations in Europe, we understand our clients challenges, and we help them to identify the perfect solution. With our strong network and professional skills we find best solution to match your company  needs.

We guarantee professional approach, exceptional boutique service and desired outcomes to our clients. 

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